We are Michael & Christian, founders and CEOs of Grillzimmer.

Christian is the technical head of Grillzimmer. As an engineer, he is responsible for construction and manufacturing. Michael describes Christian as a little genius because no task assigned to him is too challenging, and the renowned ‘engineering artistry’ of Grillzimmer doesn’t keep waiting long. Michael is primarily responsible for sales and marketing, and he has a keen eye for design. Many fantastic concepts have emerged from Michael’s pencil, and all Grillzimmer collections benefit from his exceptional imagination and aesthetic sensibility.

We are 100 % committed to always acheive the best possible outcomes for our customers and to continuously evolve.

Grillzimmer Inhaber Michael Hofmann Christian Böttger
Est. 2016

When the first pencil drawing appeared on a scrap of paper, the initial step toward Grillzimmer was taken unconsciously. His longtime friend Christian supported Michael with the construction and was thus significantly involved in design and implementation. Encouraged by friends and the first potential customers for additional outdoor kitchens, the decision was quickly made, and the Grillzimmer GmbH was founded.

By now, Grillzimmer is counted among the most exclusive manufacturers of outdoor kitchens in the market. We now have an international network of partners, allowing us to serve customers all over the world.

Grillzimmer Outdoorküche Skizze mit Beschreibungen für Strom, Waschbecken und Gas

German manufactory

From the beginning, it was clear that our kitchens are produced regionally and in collaboration with partners who are absolute specialists in their field. Only in this way can we directly intervene in the production process and react at any time.

No compromises or limitations in production, and reliable partnerships are essential for us in building our outdoor kitchens.

Since the beginning, the quality, design, and functionality of our kitchens have been our priority, surpassing all requirements for outdoor use while emphasizing aesthetics.

Our own service- and assembly team

Everything from a single source. In our experience, the dream of an outdoor kitchen doesn’t end with the purchase. Each installation is unique, as are the locations and conditions on-site. This has led us and our in-house assembly team to situations where thoughtful and quick solutions were needed. Our assembly team is skilled, and not only does the production of our kitchens meet the highest standards, but so does their installation.


There’s no such thing as “impossible” —or at least that’s how we’d describe it. Unusual requests come up time and again, and we naturally strive to implement everything within the realm of possibility. Over time, our own projects continue to evolve, allowing us to showcase our innovative spirit. One of our proudest achievements is our ‘floating Kamado,’ which we developed back in 2018. We’re also proud of our custom stainless steel hinge, designed to withstand heavy loads and all weather conditions.


Thanks to our highly individualized production process from the beginning, we’ve been able to develop new approaches and solutions that make us unique to this day.

We’ve quickly received extraordinary requests, which we’ve diligently and innovatively turned into reality.

One such example is the ‘Six Egg Shooter’ that we implemented for Big Green Egg Deutschland in 2018.

Grillzimmer Outdoorküche Skizze Six Egg Shooter